Please ensure that you are happy with our terms and conditions before booking.

Is there a minimum party size? The minimum booking is for 10 people. You can book or later confirm for less people but you will be charged for 10.

I have booked and paid for 12 people, can I have the two deposits back? No. Deposits are all non refundable regardless of the reason. You are not obliged to pay the balance for guests not coming, but the deposits will not be refunded.

I have booked for 12 people but wish to increase my party size. Is this ok?  Usually this is fine and we can accept increases right up until a few days before the event - assuming there is room. Most evenings sell out most years and we are restricted by tables, when we get close to the event we may be able to accept increases providing you don't need additional tables. We try to accept increases but can't guarantee them.

I have paid my deposit, when do I need to pay the balance? You will be sent final details of the event and a request for payment around 3 weeks before the event.

What happens if I am late paying my balance? If your balance has not been received and cleared 7 days before the event we will attempt to resell your spaces. In the event we succeed you will not have your deposit returned.

We just want to come for the entertainment, can we pay less just for this? No.

I want to reserve some places but not pay the deposit for a while, can I do this? Contact me and we can discuss this. Sometimes there are reasons why we will accept provisional booking but we try to avoid them. In some circumstances we will hold them for a few days without a deposit but we try to avoid it.

I want to bring my own drinks. Is this ok? No. There are two reasons for this, there is a licensing issue and as part of our duty of care we need to be aware of drinking capacities and alcohol issue. In addition there is a commercial consideration and we need bar revenue to make the events viable which is why the ticket prices are so reasonable. We keep our bar prices in line with standard pubs and bars and don't want people who bring their own. People who attempt to enter the venue with aclcohol will be refused entry, and those who are found with their own alcohol on the premises will be asked to leave.

I paid for my ticket but couldn't attend because of the weather. Can I have a refund? No. The only time a refund will be issued is if the event does not take place - which in 13 years has never happened.

There are 20 of us - can we all pay separately? No, sorry. The admin would be almost impossible so we ask that all groups pay at the same time. Obviously added guests will occasionally pay individually.

Is there a minimum age to attend? Our parties are all aimed at people over 18 but occasionally younger people do come with groups of older people. We will not accept a booking from a large group of people under 18.

When will I get my tickets? We do not issue tickets. On arrival your group will be checked in at reception.

What time does it start? Doors open at 6.45pm and the night ends at 1.00am.

Is there a dress code? Not as such. Most people arrive smart but casual. Some groups will dress up in formal wear and on the themed nights some will come in fancy dress. We would prefer our gusts to arrive tidy but there's not much we can do if they don't.